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A true Sidepodcast moment // The inter-connected life of a Formula One fan

Published by Mr. C

If you've not managed to catch an episode of the Parade Lap this year, you're missing out. It's a show unlike any other we do. Alex takes the reigns, it feels more like a radio show than a podcast, and it goes out live on a Sunday, one hour before the BBC's race coverage starts.

Last week's show was extra special, as we managed a live link-up with Scott who was hiding out behind the grandstands on Silverstone's main straight.

We could detail the complexities involved in setting up such a scenario, but I think Alex summed it up best in this comment, where he points out his favourite part of the show:

  • We were on a live link to Silverstone talking to Scott.
  • And I was sitting on a second live link.
  • And I read a question from the comments from Lukeh about Heidfeld’s beard.
  • And Scott knowing the community so well had already asked Heidfeld about the beard and could answer.

Something about the interconnectedness of it all was pretty mind-blowing.

Here's a snippet of the audio in question:

Two Skype links, one iPhone, a live streaming server and a question about a beard!

We've suffered from so many technical gremlins during live broadcasts in the past, that it's remarkable an event like this could ever happen in the first place. I'm sure the BBC aren't exactly shaking in their boots at our achievements, but we're pretty chuffed it all came to together when we needed it to.

A huge thank you has to go out to everybody who took part on Sunday. It cannot be done without you.