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A timely matter - The problem with print publications and up to date information

Published by Christine

Since we started Sidepodcast, we've been desperate to get our hands on any information about Formula 1 that we possibly can. That includes bookmarking a ton of blogs, checking the news feeds every five minutes, tuning in to any conceivable program about the sport, and buying lots and lots of magazines.

In fact, we subscribed to F1 Racing, and I think there's a subscription to Racecar Engineering in the works as well (no prizes for guessing which of us that is for). We didn't subscribe to Autosport because it's a weekly, and you can never quite guarantee that a postal subscription will be received in a timely manner. But we get every issue, so we may as well have.

This week blows all that out the water anyway. I don't know if you heard, but there's a court hearing taking place tomorrow. One of the top teams is in some kind of trouble, I think? Autosport is printed on a Tuesday. It's already done and dusted. It comes out on a Thursday. So I can go and buy my copy at some point tomorrow, and before I've had time to read it all, it will be out of date. The news will be old, irrelevant, pointless. Waste of money. So I'm not going to bother.

There's an argument to say that this is always the way with print media, and always has been. Why bother with the paper if you can read the news online, as it happens, for free? I'm a big fan of all things RSS, but I do still like to have the physical pages in my hand sometimes. Perhaps it depends what it is. F1 Racing is more about the people, rather than the news, it goes out of date less often. Racecar Engineering needs to be disregarded only when the FIA go and change all the rules again.

Whilst the traditionalist in me still covets the glossy pages, it's never been more clear how outdated "old" media can really be. That's why I'm glad to be involved in "new" media. It can be updated, constantly, depending on what's going on. Ah, what a fabulous link.

Most of the time, we would have liked to have our Preview video out by now. There's no point presenting you with a preview of the race five minutes before it happens. But at the same time, we don't want to give you false information just because we couldn't wait a day to find out. We're not going to the printers, we don't need to be published. We can wait to bring you the real story of the day. Having said all that, all we're really worried about is presenting you with the wrong championship tables. McLaren may or may not have points docked, and it'd be embarrassing to have our video showing the right tables for only a short number of hours.

So, this entire post is basically just a way of saying, although most of the work on the Belgian Preview has been done, it will be slightly delayed. Blame McLaren. Or Ferrari. Or... I'll leave it.