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A strange turn of Events - Putting to rights the global timezone problem

Published by Christine

We launched the new, snappy, stylish Live Events system in January 2012, and in the intervening sixteen months, we've enjoyed some incredible times together. From each and every Formula One session, to some football, tennis, Eurovision and Doctor Who, through Boat Races and Crashed Ice and NFL, there's been a little bit of everything.

The genius of the new system is how quickly it is to set something up, how little overhead is involved in launching a new event. All it requires is a title, a paragraph, and a host. We can set them up in a blink of an eye, we can schedule these events forever. It's as easy as pie. Mmmm, pie.

With that in mind, I've noticed some growing consternation of late about the Hangouts and live shows being at unfriendly hours for those in non-UK timezones. This we hear and understand, but there's only so much we can do for those two specific items. The live shows are always going to be in the evening UK time, because that is the best time to record - and the best time to enjoy a wine with it.

I do try and vary the hangout times, but have been pretty useless at that recently. We don't want them to clash with other events, so the last one was late because of the Boat Race, and I think other things have got in the way before as well. I'm going to work on varying these more, and plan for this weekend's Hangout to be at a much earlier time in the UK.

But, there's plenty of scope for people hosting their own events, in whatever timezone they like. It could be watching a sport or TV show, it could be a Sidepodfilmclub. It could be a quiz, or a pub lockin, or a Spotify playlist listening party, or a US Hangout, or a book club, or a bake-a-long. There are so many possibilities, it's just a matter of making it happen.

We only ask that someone takes responsibility of an event, play the host, if you like. We want these things to have a start and end point, and something of a structure, however vague. It's not a demanding set of requirements, and we've seen over the past year how enjoyable these events can be when we all get together.

We made the new system as easy as possible for our own benefit, really, but it can also be a huge boost to the community. As hosts, we're maxed out and happy with the things we do, Hangouts, the F1 stuff, the occasional Indycar or NASCAR or baseball, Eurovision, you know the drill. But that doesn't have to be all just because we're not hosting it. And just because we're not hosting it, doesn't mean we won't participate either.

I know people still miss the daily posts and pine for those times. I guess you can either keep musing about it on Twitter, or channel the energy and get creative with it instead. There's an infrastructure here just waiting to be used, we want to share it with you, and we want it to be awesome.

So, please, use this space to ponder, peruse, discuss and brainstorm ideas about what/when/where and who('s on first?) events you might like to see, and might like to host.