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A singularly silly solution? - Pondering the idea of a common car launch

Published by Christine

It emerged today that members of the Teams Association sadly hadn't forgotten their common car launch idea. The subject was discussed at a FOTA meeting in Monaco today, and they concluded that a single launch in Valencia was the way forward.

Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valencia is lit up during the 2006 GP2 launch party
Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valencia is lit up during the 2006 GP2 launch partyCredit: Glenn Dunbar / GP2 Series Media Service

We previously discussed these plans after a Thursday Thoughts question, and this afternoon shared some opinions in the breakout thread.

You would think there wasn't much else to add, but F1 journalist Will Buxton is a man who has experience of organising launches in the city of Valencia and he's written some very detailed insight into how he see's the event working. The argument does manage to put a new spin on things.

To my mind, it would make sense to limit team launches to a maximum of 30-40 minutes and get them all out of the way in the morning in one hour time allocations. By utilising the Opera House, the Hemesferic (which can be split into two launch venues) and the main Science building (which can be split into upwards of three separate launch venues), you have individual launch venues within walking distance of each other.

He goes on to say the afternoon could feature the media interviews, but it would have to be run for three consecutive days for everyone to be able to see everything.

To find a definitive answer, we're going to offer up one of our ever so scientific polls.

Teams will be spending the next couple of weeks working out the finer details, are they wasting their time?