Sidepodcast - All for F1 and F1 for all

A shift in fortunes - Congratulations to Kimi Räikkönen as the Finn springs a title surprise!

Published by Christine

Kimi in Brazil

I know I haven't been watching F1 for very long, but that was the best race I have ever seen. It pretty much had everything you could possibly want and could not have been more exciting.

Congratulations to Kimi - sometimes miracles do happen!

Obviously, in honour of the achievement, and as a fitting tribute to the man, we're already on our second bottle of vodka! The show will be with you as soon as we've sobered up, we've got a good couple of months to review everything but hopefully it'll be within the next 24 hours.

Do let us know how you're celebrating / commiserating, we can compare hangovers tomorrow.