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A revised podcast from Renault - The Enstone team work around Bernie's broadcast restrictions

Published by Mr. C

There's a bug going around Sidepodcast Towers this week, so please forgive any poor grammar from me today. Hopefully it'll pass before this weekend's Donington outing.

We mentioned during the last show, that Team Renault were being forced by the powers that be, to record their podcasts away from the track. Well after a very short turn around, the show has returned in a new format, this time recorded at the team's factory in Enstone, Oxfordshire.

Today's episode includes a roundtable discussion with top bods Pat Symonds and Steve Nielsen, as well as a chat with one of the lesser know team members - machine shop manager Jeff Fullerton. Holly still anchors the broadcast and Maurice is on hand for an expert race roundup.

It's good to know that Bernie hasn't got the best of the Renault boys and that they've managed to turn around a new format in such a small space of time. It's also good to hear that the show has lost none of it's vitality despite lacking the atmosphere you get at race weekend. Apart from missing a driver quote here and there I'd say the podcast wants for nothing.

If you have a spare 30 minutes, go check out the show on Renault's homepage. Consider it strike against the arrogance and ineptitude of Formula One Management as you listen.

Also, in other Renault related news. The baseball cap we mentioned in Episode 15 arrived today...just in time for GP Live. It goes without saying that I'll be forcing Christine to wear it during the course of the weekend. So if you're going to be there and you happen to spy a girl wearing an orange / blue cap coupled with a Sidepodcast shirt - be sure to stop by and give her a kiss.

That's assuming you have less germs than I do of course.