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A real life forum - The Motorsport Business Forum has a heck of a line up

Published by Christine

Motorsport Business Forum

I've seen a lot of adverts for the Monaco Motorsport Business Forum recently, which makes sense as it takes place on the 10th and 11th of December. It looks like a really amazing event with all the top names not only attending but speaking as well. Mario Theissen, Nick Fry, Colin Kolles, David Richards and Max Mosley are all set to attend, with the latter one of the keynote speakers.

There's a ton of good stuff going on, here's an excerpt from the schedule:

10th December

09:45Going green on the tarmacRoss Brawn
11:20How much should a manufacturer spend?Norbert Haug
14:10Why I bought an F1 teamDr Vijay Mallya
14:10What it will take to host the British GPSimon Gillett

And that's just one day. The 11th looks to be just as good.

I would pay good money to be there, you know. Actually, I could pay good money to be there, but the good money they're asking for is just crazy. For one delegate it costs 1500 Euros to get into the Forum, plus you have to get to Monaco and stay there, which isn't your regular discount holiday break.

What I don't really understand is who this forum is aimed at, and why it's being advertised in mainstream media. All the teams and a lot of major sponsors are represented in the speakers, therefore they already know all this good stuff. For regular people, like us here at Sidepodcast Towers, we're clearly not going to be able to afford this. No doubt the press are already catered for in some way. Is it really just an opportunity to entice future sponsors?

The event is flourishing, though, as it has expanded to Bahrain and now Malaysia as well. The website says that there is online access available via Eurosport, but I can't get the link to work at the moment, and I'm sure that also costs a kijillion pounds. Instead, I will leave you with this clip of Vijay Mallya from December 2007, talking about why Force India is not just an expensive hobby.