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A Question of Mastermind - Formula One features as a chosen subject on the tough quiz show

Published by Christine

In a bizarre mix of A Question of Sport and Mastermind, the BBC are running a series of sport-themed Mastermind shows, where the participants are quizzed on their favourite teams and players. The latest show involves student Ben Croucher tackling the subject of Formula 1 from 2000 to 2007. If you are in the UK and can access the BBC iPlayer, it can be viewed here until the 31st July.

But don't go there yet!

As a bit of Friday night fun, I have transcribed the questions for your viewing pleasure, and thought we could host ourselves our very own pub quiz. Except, this isn't a pub, there's no prizes, and I have stolen the questions.

But hush. It's just a bit of fun. If you Google the answers, you're only cheating yourselves, etc, etc. Let us know how you get on in the comments. The answers are hidden in grey at the end of each question. Enjoy.

The questions

1) Jenson Button drove for which team in 2000, his first season in Formula 1? Williams

2) How many races did Michael Schumacher win in 2000 when he became the first Ferrari champion since Jody Scheckter in 1979? 9

3) Which city did Lewis Hamilton celebrate the first of his four victories in his inaugural season? Montreal

4) Which driver gave the Super Aguri team it's sole four points in the constructors championship in the 2007 season? Takuma Sato

5) Which country did Michael Schumacher achieve the last of his 91 Formula 1 Grand Prix wins? China

6) Who finished sixth in the Australian Grand Prix of 2007, having started last on the grid? (FYI, Ben passed on this one) Felipe Massa

7) In March 2003, Fernando Alonso started on pole position for the first time. At which Grand Prix circuit did he achieve this landmark? Sepang International Circuit

8) Which driver retired at the end of 2001 after 202 Grands Prix, only one of which he won? Jean Alesi

9) When Ralf Schumacher sustained two fractures in his spinal column, which official test driver replaced him at the 2004 French Grand Prix? Marc Gene

10) Who won the British Grand Prix on St. George's Day becoming the first British winner of the new decade? David Coulthard

11) All but three teams withdrew from the 2005 US Grand Prix over a tyre safety issue. Ferrari and Jordan-Toyota were two that did compete, which team was the third? (Poor old Ben was allowing the pressure to get to him slightly here, saying Jordan. Damn it.) Minardi

12) In 2003, which driver failed to finish in 9 races but also had his first Formula 1 victory when he won the Brazilian Grand Prix? Giancarlo Fisichella

13) Lewis Hamilton's first Grand Prix win in 2007 came almost a year after fellow Briton Jenson Button won a Grand Prix on which circuit? Hungaroring

14) In 2004, Michael Schumacher won the first five races of the season. Which Renault driver stopped it being a run of six by winning at Monaco? <Jarno Trulli

15) What is the name of the driver who made his debut in the 2007 US Grand Prix, aged 19? He finished in 8th place. Sebastian Vettel

16) The former World Champion Jacques Villeneuve drove for Renault in three Grand Prix in 2004 season. Two were in China and Brazil, in which country was the third? Japan

The results

Ben got 14.

I only managed 5, but we have already established that I can't remember anything.

How did you do?

Update: Have just finished watching the rest of the show, and Ben came third out of four. Rubbish. I guess his general knowledge of other sports let him down. However, I'm even more annoyed that the only girl finished fourth. Gah. Letting the side down. Not that I could have done even remotely better, as I demonstrated above.