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A moment of silence - Commemorating the disappearance of an important part of the F1 paddock

Published by Bridget Schuil

Let us have a moment of silence...

Maybe I should explain why we're having a moment of silence before we start. TBEC will no longer be gracing the F1 paddock with his presence. For a full season, we've seen TBEC on the grid, on the drivers' parade, making inappropriate appearances at formal functions, even appearing in end-of-year commemorative cartoons. Oh, TBEC's full name is The Blue Embratel Cap – you know, what Bruno Senna used to keep his hair under control, the means by which we recognized him.

TBEC kept Bruno company on his way up the motorsport ranks, while he was miles away from home and travelling too much for his girlfriend at the time to join him at every race.

Just been chatting with @BSenna - very confusing without his blue hat!

karunchandhok karunchandhok

Of course, TBEC wasn't just the Senna version of Linus's blanket, his presence was a sponsorship requirement. Although none of the journos have posted anything about TBEC since Senna was announced as one of Lotus Renault's reserve drivers, one is left to assume that it has something to do with Lotus Renault not being appreciative (for whatever reason) of TBEC's presence in the team.

It is the end of an era. Perhaps not a very happy era in some respects – TBEC's financial contribution to Hispania wasn't enough to keep him in the seat for all of the 2010 season – but a memorable one nonetheless.

Bruno contemplates a life without his cap... probably.
Bruno contemplates a life without his cap... probably.Credit: Moy/Sutton

TBEC's disappearance raises a number of important questions. How will we recognise him now (unless he grows his hair again)? Has his relationship with TBEC soured? Will TBEC's absence jinx his chances of getting a racing seat for next season?

After all, wearing a blue sponsor's cap seems to be a Senna tradition. So, let us all hold hands and hold a moments silence for the departure of TBEC, may his cupboard be warm and comfortable.