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A live tour of Albert Park - Walk the Australian Grand Prix circuit with Amy

Published by Christine

Here at Sidepodcast, we've just discovered the joys of Qik, and have been outside a couple of times to test it out. The Sidepodcommunity are way ahead of us though, and already doing exciting (and Formula 1 related) things. Amy took some time out this morning to take a walk round Albert Park, and it's really fascinating to see the track when it is not a track.

I should say that the audio is a little less than desirable as Amy braved a really windy day in the Park to capture these videos for us. It's worth listening and watching all of them, though, as Amy makes a great tour guide.

  • Start line - A close up of the actual start line, with cars parked either side and a temporary chicane.
  • Turn 1 and 2 - A run down to the first corner, with a different type of driver looking for the apex.
  • Kerbing - Cunningly camouflaged kerbing remains for the whole year round.
  • Turn 4 - The left-hander is actually a car park most of the year round.
  • Turn 5 - Back on to the main road for the following right hand section.
  • Turn 6 - The heavy braking zone for turn 6 shows how regular traffic is managed when F1 isn't around.
  • Turn 7 - No u-turns in this section of the road, and a look at the buildings the drivers could never see from the cockpit.
  • Turn 9 - Another car park, shows off yet more F1 tyre markings, undisturbed since March.
  • Turns 11 and 12 - Road markings show where the track runs across a wide section of road. A familiar skyline can seen in the background.
  • Lakeside Driver - The classic photo opportunity, where road cars run along race cars separated by the smallest of barriers.
  • Turn 13 - The sharp right-hander of Ascari is clearly visible as it crosses the main section of road.
  • The first ever Sidepodcast pit stop - The closed pit entrance, inaccessible to everyday traffic. Check out the garage frontage and pit boxes, complete with 2008 spec grooved tyre markings!
  • Finish line! - Just before it gets too dark, a return to the start/finish line in all its chequered glory.

Thank you ever so much to Amy for live streaming her walk in the F1 park for us. It's rare to see Formula 1 tracks away from the race weekend, even more the street tracks that rarely see any other type of racing action.

Take a look yourself and let us know what landmarks you can spot, and any memories you have of the corners Amy visited in those videos. We loved watching every minute and if you need a reminder of how all the corners match up to the race track, check out last year's Inside Track guide.

Keep an eye on Amy and other commenters Qik stream's too. You never know what you may find.