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A little less eek, a little more grr - Revisiting the David Tremayne ranting phenomenon

Published by Christine

During last week's F1 Debrief show, we offered listeners the chance to rant and rave about the current political situation in F1 - so long as they did so in the style of Sidepodcast favourite, David Tremayne.

For the uninitiated, Stuart offered a brief introduction to Tremayning back in October, and you can relive the first competition we held here.

This time round, we're making things a little bit harder, because the winner will be decided by democracy. We're opening up a poll for one weekend only, and the victorious Tremayner (Tremaynist?) will be announced on Monday.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce the participants (in the order they appeared on the show).


Alex kicked things off with a voicemail sent all the way from Berlin. He wasn't too impressed with our decision to record a podcast when we'd originally said we weren't going to.


Jackie gave us a little bit of an eek, before diving headfirst into a brilliant Tremayne that even spawned the name of the Debrief episode as well.


Gavin had to get something very important off his chest - his thoughts on the Eurovision Song Contest. Although not intentionally live commented, the musical extravaganza did grab Sidepodcast (and Gavin's) attention.


Scott took Tremayning to the next level, reaching new heights of fury that brought out the bleep machine. Although only mild swearing, this may be our angriest submission yet.


Steven laments a simpler time when commenting on Sidepodcast was more about Formula 1 than other frivolous activities like, um, Eurovision.


The only Tremayning submission to ever include singing, RG gets right to the heart of the problem with that recurring theme - the song contest - with a bit of F1 mixed in for good measure.


Our final submission from poor Lukeh, who wasn't feeling well, and did his throat in for the rest of the night with this one little rant. It was a good one to sign off with, though.

Now comes your bit. You've heard the contenders, it's time to vote. Unfortunately, as fond as we are of Eurovision, you may only select one person and we have to take your first answer. Over to you.