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A little bear meets the Big Bear - Introducing a new member of the Mercedes team

Published by Christine

Own your own Silbear
Own your own SilbearCredit: Mercedes GP

MercedesGP have a new member of the team, and he's tried his hand in the car, in the garage, and back at the factory. Silbear has been plucked from the merchandise store and is travelling with the team this year to learn everything he can from the mechanics, and get experience for a more important role next year. Maybe.

Actually, the bear is the star of a series of photographs hosted on the Mercedes Facebook account, featuring the silver fluffy thing in all manner of poses - from holding a spanner in the garage, to testing out how comfortable a seat is, Silbear goes everywhere with the team, and he does it all in extremely cute style.

Mercedes introduce their new furry friend with a mention of him meeting the big boss at Mercedes, Ross Brawn, who is also known as something of a Bear.

Hello all! As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Silbear is now travelling with us to the races. He’s adapting pretty well to his new life at the track, and has already met the real-life Bear

- Mercedes

That'll put a spanner in the works
That'll put a spanner in the worksCredit: Mercedes GP / Facebook

It reminds me very much of some of the adventures Monster got up to last year, when he followed Alex around on the Unofficial F1 Monster Tour.

Seeking out the warmest place in the garage
Seeking out the warmest place in the garageCredit: Mercedes GP / Facebook

More pictures can be found on Facebook, whilst if you want your own Mercedes bear to go on adventures with, they're on sale in the store.