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A his and hers video special - Virgin Racing provide a video or two to suit all tastes

Published by Christine

It took Virgin a while to get information about their new car up and out on the internet, despite the fact they were hoping to do an online launch and include everybody all at once. There's no need to go over how very badly they failed at launching in style, I can highly recommend the latest F1 Debrief show for such things.

What I would like to do is highlight two videos released by the team that show the things they can do right.

Firstly, they roped in David Croft to present this intro video, which makes Mr C a very happy bunny, as you might imagine. I'm not sure why this video isn't on the official Virgin Racing account, but we had enough of that during the Virgin Twitter debacle, so let's just sit back and enjoy.

The team took the car for a shakedown at Silverstone, in the pouring rain, and produced a video whilst they were there. This is the kind of thing I want to see from teams. Great editing, up close and personal with the drivers (even presenting in the rain!), and some insight into what it's like being there.

Clearly they're not giving too much away just yet, and if you want more detailed information about the shakedown, Scott found a great video with more raw car footage in. For now, though, I'm going to go and rewatch Lucas having a cup of tea. Delicious.