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A Ferrari deserter? - Ross Brawn is rumoured to be heading to Honda F1

Published by Christine is reporting that Honda are chasing Ross Brawn to come and join their team. You may remember him as being Michael Schumacher's technical best friend.

How flipping cool would that be?

Mr C was entertaining the idea that Honda are being rubbish on purpose to try and lure the man in - because he likes a challenge. I don't think they'd go that far, because all those teams want to do well and it really doesn't look good on Honda when they fail to deliver.

But still, a challenge they would be. Brawn is free to join another team from 2008, and wants to work in Britain, so Honda would be a logical step for him.

Apparently there are no official comments on the subject, but I hope it's true. It's about time a team got someone good in and was completely turned around. If anyone can do it, good ol' Brawn can.