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A different kind of Yuletide saviour - Could Carlos Slim help save Honda?

Published by Christine

Scott in Italy has pointed out this early news that Honda may have managed to find themselves a buyer for the ousted Formula 1 team.

Jenson in training

The Italian newspaper La Stampa is reporting that Carlos Slim has put up the cash to secure the team's future. We've been speculating, as I think everyone has, on who the potential buyers could be, and Mr Slim was a top prospect. The rumour that Honda F1's car park had to be cleared to fit in Slim's giant helicopter only added fuel to the fire. The newspaper themselves admit that nothing has been confirmed but if it is true, this is welcome news.

Unfortunately, it looks like Barrichello won't be making a return to the Brackley team with Bruno Senna the favoured driver to take his place. This isn't really a surprise, although it is a shame. Barrichello has appeared to have some real fire in his desire to keep on racing, but some of his recent decorum may have put off the potential buyers.

Assuming all of the above is true, there are still many, many questions we need answering. Maybe we need a list:

  • What will the team be called?
  • What beautiful livery will take the Earth Dreams place?
  • Will Brawn and Fry retain their jobs?
  • Will the new team turn up for any testing before the season starts?
  • Will this scare improve their performance at all in 2009?
  • Finally, if Slim is, as rumoured, the money man behind Piquet, where does this leave Renault?

Are there any other questions I've missed? Please leave your suggestions in the comments.