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A change will do you good - Update your Fantasy Racers teams for the European Grand Prix

Published by Christine

Please do not forget to update your Fantasy Racers team.

How I do look forward to the Friday of a race weekend, when I get to share my latest scheme for my Fantasy Racers team.

You've got until 5 o'clock BST to alter your teams, which gives you a good few hours. You can even wait until after FP2 if you so desire.

Personally, I have no need to watch those drivers pootling round that track, I can make all the decisions I need based on a simple system. This week it is all the drivers whose surname falls between A and C.

Here is my team:

David Coulthard6.4
Fernando Alonso9.9
Jenson Button6.5
Rubens Barrichello6.5
Sebastien Bourdais6.5

I predict that this will not be a strong weekend for Sidepodcast Racers, but I have faith in the arbitrary system. Anything can happen at a new track.

So, make adjustments to your team, or not, as you desire, and let us know in the comments who you've chosen and why.