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A bumper week of Team Rankings with Lotus retaining their lead - In which investment in cameras and track walk photos gain points

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This week, all but four of our teams find themselves picking up points, or losing them as the case may be. The Chinese Grand Prix really separated the men from the boys and there are points aplenty to be handed out.

From supportive signs, to photographing walks, to feeling nostalgic, this is how my team points stand this week.

Movements for Week 11

  • +1 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: +2 for investing in GoPro cameras. +1 for the mechanics getting the car out ahead of the race despite all adversity. -2 for the Ferrari red suits in qualifying.
  • +2 Team Lotus: +2 for Mike Gascoyne feeling sad that he was beating Williams (although secretly glad, I'm sure).
  • +1 Marussia F1 Team: +1 for Tabatha sharing photographs of her track walk.
  • +3 Lotus Renault GP: +3 for letting Bruno Senna fill in for Eddie Jordan a bit on the BBC, and allowing a peek around the garage.
  • -2 Red Bull Racing: -2 for the mechanic suggesting Button did his pitstop mishap on purpose. It wasn't the team line but still.
  • +2 HRT Formula 1 Team: +2 for getting to a point where the 107% rule is no longer an issue.
  • +3 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro: +3 for showing support to their ill mechanic.
  • +3 Force India Formula One Team: +5 for their driver search initiative, but -2 for the name and the idea that there isn't already a decent Indian driver or two.

Standings for Week 11

This week's standings
10Team Lotus228
20Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team22
30Lotus Renault GP322
40Marussia F1 Team117
50Vodafone McLaren Mercedes114
60Sauber F1 Team12
70Red Bull Racing-26
80AT&T Williams5
90Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro33
101Force India Formula One Team31
11-1Scuderia Toro Rosso-1
120HRT Formula 1 Team2-9
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