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50+ issues and counting // Celebrating a milestone in digital publishing for Grand Prix Plus

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If you caught the latest episode of An Aside with Joe, you likely would have heard Joe talk about GrandPrix+ magazine reaching the milestone of its 50th released issue. We thought we'd mark the occasion with a quick plug for the original F1 e-magazine.

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If you ever spend anytime in the Sidepodcast comments, you'll know we like to plug things, be it blogs, podcasts, published books or certain brands of energy drink. GP+ deserves a very special plug from us though, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, as we have detailed many times in the past, we're not exactly fans of regular paper-based publishing, and GP+ offers everything that print cannot - instantaneous worldwide delivery, portability, indexable content and it gets released a few hours after a race is complete. One day all magazines will be delivered like this.

Additionally though, we like to plug Joe's work because he has given so much of his time to the Aside series this year.

Any sensible professional journalist would insist on being paid handsomely for the effort that goes into recording podcasts from all corners of the world - including manually rewiring the hotel's Internet access in Spain, jumping through firewall hoops in China and getting up at all hours to speak from Malaysia.

If you've enjoyed listening to any of the podcasts, like the idea of being a forerunner in the rapidly changing world of media publishing, or frankly just like to learn about Formula One faster than anyone else, go subscribe to Grand Prix+ magazine now. There may only be three races remaining this year, but you'll grab yourself all 50 back issues in the process. It's only £25 GBP and it would mean a lot to us if you did.

As a quick reminder, below are links to all of the Aside shows recorded thus far - 13 in total. Both Amy and Rachel have been doing a fabulous job of transcribing these recordings, so we've added links to the PDF files too. Just like issues of GP+, text transcripts can be downloaded and searched from your computer should the need ever arise. We are eternally grateful for the efforts put in by anyone in the community who help lighten the transcription workload, and help make the podcasts even more useful.

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Don't forget, we're always open to more questions for Joe in future shows, please add them to the wiki page and we'll get to them when we can.