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3,000 posts and more // Celebrating a huge milestone of Formula One writing

Published by Christine

This week, we celebrated our 3,000th post on Sidepodcast with the publication of Mark Webber's lap of Monaco. The numbers don't always mean a lot here at SPC, as we have messed about with convention and posted things forward and backwards with abandon, but still... 3,000 posts is a heck of a lot.

We're probably posting less than we used to these days, but of late, we've greatly increased the number of guest posts received and published. That is down to all of you. We absolutely love reading and posting your words, and anyone is welcome to submit their thoughts.

To celebrate the occasion, I asked Mr C to create a random post button (which he did in mega quick time), so that I could select ten random entries from the 3000 (actually 3004 now) posts from the last three and a bit years. Here's what I came up with:

  1. F1 2008, Round 8 - France. A post that was originally written as part of my BellaOnline duties, I recap the race in which Räikkönen suffers some exhaust problems, Button retires early, Piquet gets in the way, and Trulli gets one of those tribute podiums.
  2. Live: Japan - Free Practice 2. A post from the live commenting archives of 2009. A quick glance through the comments suggests we were really struggling with the time difference, and gave up watching after the rain, rain, rain stopped any kind of running.
  3. Daily: 30th November 2009. A guest daily post from the original week-long takeover. The week was to celebrate a year of the daily - who knew it would be taken over completely just a few short months later? As is entirely appropriate, James includes some Doctor Who linkage in his post.
  4. A Big Thank You and a Little Update. Not very far back in the archives at all, our big thank you to everyone for their support over our downshifting decision. We still stand by every word of this post, and as you can see by the design work happening currently, the "get creative" mission is very much underway.
  5. Do They Party as Hard as We Do? - In a very troubled winter, we took a quick look at the Force India party, in which they had a certain familiar face acting as a DJ. I'm not sure about the title though - do we party that hard?
  6. F1 Guide (Part 1) - Introduction. The very first ever mini series episode was an introduction to the sport of Formula 1. Further episodes included a recap of how the race weekend works, plus what is so special about those cars.
  7. Daily: 21st March 2009. A post that starts with "It's Franck day today..." can only be a good one. It's one of the shorter daily posts that I've seen (although not the shortest!) Someone might have been excited about seeing Franck in action.
  8. Singapore 2009 - Free Practice 2 Results. Uh, yea. Webber had an accident, whilst Vettel did well.
  9. Episode 48 - We Got Told to Call Him Kubica, So That's What We're Trying to Stick To. Quite a long old episode title there. This is way back in the early days, when our pronunciation troubles were only just beginning, and we discussed the possibility of budget caps being introduced.
  10. Pity the F1 Fool. A great guest post from RG, detailing just how easy it is to spread misinformation in this internet day and age. Well worth a read, as it gets even more true every day.

That's just a peek into the vast Sidepodcast archives. I know you're dying to try out the random button, so if you head on over here, click away and let us know what you got. A quick warning though, it's very fun, but also quite addictive.