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2010 F1 New Year's resolutions - A set of promises for the Formula One season to come

Published by Christine

Last year, we opened up the blog to your new year resolutions. They were meant to be F1 related, but as it happens, writing your promises down, and sharing them with a community, is a great way of getting the motivation to keep them up - whether they are F1 related or not. That's the theory anyway.

Recently, we ran through how successful we had been with our 2009 resolutions, and I think it can be summed up as: hmmm.

Mine, in particular, were a little over-ambitious, so I am toning it down a little for 2010:

  1. Try and stay up later to take part in the best conversations.
  2. Speak to Franck.
  3. Keep track of birthdays and Sidepodversaries for daily post shoutouts. (Sorry Journeyer.)
  4. Expand collection of F1 themed keyrings. (Don't tell Mr C, he hates junk.)
  5. Try and stay more positive about Formula 1 as a whole.

These seem to be doable, and I am keen to be a much better person by the end of the year by means of these small changes. Mr C, on the other hand, is going big and setting some quite lofty goals. Here are his resolutions:

  1. Stop making ludicrous bets with Lou, otherwise I'll end up wearing McLaren attire all season.
  2. Read the show notes.
  3. Make more use of the playground for blindingly brilliant innovations.
  4. Never miss a single word that Christine writes over her many blogs, including the contents of the daily posts... and F1Minute.
  5. Finally get round to making that merchandise Christine keeps nagging me about.

That should keep him busy for a while, at least. Now it's over to you. What are your New Year's resolutions - F1 related or otherwise? As usual, we will revisit these at the end of the year and see how well we all got on, so choose carefully!