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2010 F1 predictions revisited - A look back at our early calls for the Formula One season

Published by Christine

Having reviewed how well we got on with our 2010 Resolutions, it's time to take a look at the predictions we made at the beginning of the year and see how very right and/or wrong we were. I hate making predictions, as is well documented on the site, but even I had a go ahead of the 2010 season - attempting to second-guess the future.

As ever, I fell woefully short of success.

Here are a couple of mine:

I think there will be quite a battle between Massa and Alonso, and whilst it will not be as highly anticipated as the Button/Hamilton fight, I think it will be worth watching as the season progresses. I will take a punt and go with Alonso for WDC '10.

After a couple of years of no driver changes, we saw an enormous amount last year, both anticipated and due to injury. I think this season will be no different, as with new teams on board, and a lot to prove, I think drivers will come and go more times than there are races. I think Toro Rosso will still lead the way in driver changes though.

No, and... well, no. Although there were some driver changes, Toro Rosso were not the guilty party. I also predicted, for some unknown reason, that Sauber might win in Bahrain, and that Franck would be victorious at Le Mans. I was worried I had jinxed him. The less said about that the better, I think.

Let us move away from my pitiful prediction performance then, and see how you guys did.

The World Champion

A lot of the predictions made had Fernando Alonso for the driver's title. RG, Gavin, Pat, Lorenzo and more had the Spaniard for champion this past year. Although this wasn't to be, a couple of people had Fernando winning the first race for Ferrari, which may have tipped them in the wrong direction. Lorenzo had some interesting thoughts:

Ferrari will produce a much better car than in 2009, hitting the ground running with a 1-2 in Bahrain, and the Alonso factor will be just enough to see him win his 3rd WDC. Massa will run him close many times, but Alonso's fear of failure will see him more desperate when it really counts.

- Lorenzo

If it wasn't Alonso, the predictions turned to McLaren. Lukeh had Button as WDC for 2010, whilst Amy went for Hamilton with Alonso second. Daniel had Button, Richard, Mr C and KerbRider went for Hamilton.

However, right at the last minute, in the penultimate comment on the predictions thread, we came up with a winner. Alex Andronov, Mr Giggles himself, said:

I'm going to go random here and say that as Red Bull is the only top team without a lineup change they have a strong chance this season. I'll tip Vettel for the WDC this year. Seems like I'm the only one going for that. But hey it's worth a shot.

- Alex Andronov

Could not be more right. Jason Miller also suggested Vettel for the title, but the rest of us were wrong. Journeyer went out on a limb with a vote for Schumacher, whilst Guille stuck up for the second half of Ferrari, putting his faith in Massa.

Inter-team relationships

A hot topic at the beginning of the year was how all the teams would get on, and which would suffer teammates falling out and arguments throughout the season. Steven had them all covered, with moderate success:

The team mate wars in the top teams will be won by Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel and Schumacher.

- Steven

Guille also had thoughts on many teams, with an extra note about Hülkenberg that could be true, depending on how you feel about him!

Alonso and Massa will be equals, as Rubens and Hülkenberg ('next big thing' of the year). Webber slightly in front of Vettel. Lewis will destroy Jenson, as Shumi will do with Nico.

- Guille

Jason had it right when he suggested that Schumacher would be beaten by Rosberg, as did Amy when she predicted that Mercedes would be disappointing. Richard Elliot agreed with her, and KerbRider also called it right on Mercedes, with added thoughts on Ferrari:

Alonso will show us all that he is brilliant by caning Massa, in a suitably unfit Ferrari. I think Mercedes will not be what they were last season as Brawn. Purley becasue 2010 car development would have faltered with a lack of reasonable budget.

- KerbRider

Interestingly, there weren't that many predictions of ructions at Red Bull. A few people had Webber ahead of Vettel, but no one seemed to think they would hit self-destruct in quite such a fascinating way.

The new teams

The other hot topic of our pre-2010 predictions circled around those four new teams, which would make it and if any of them would do well.

RG plumped for Virgin Racing to do well, although he was forced to say such a thing being Glock's number one fan. Equally, Amy was convinced Kovalainen would out-race Trulli, which he did, and that Di Grassi would be better than all the other rookies... which he, erm, wasn't. There was a lot of love for Lucas, though. Jason thought he would do well, while Mr C had him down for a surprise podium at some point in the season.

For the teams, we quite wisely predicted that Lotus would lead the way. Journeyer was convinced they would end up with some points though:

The new teams will contend amongst themselves at the back, but each should have at least 1 points finish. Lotus will lead that pack, ahead of Virgin, Campos, and USF1.

- Journeyer

Daniel had the right idea regarding Virgin Racing:

Branson will attend the first few races just to get a bit of airtime, but then quickly realise an F3 team is not quite the same as sponsoring a championship contending team, and slowly retreat back to the office.

- Daniel

Whilst Rich had at least half of his prediction spot on:

Of the four new teams both Virgin and Lotus score some points but are beaten by Force India but do both beat Toro Rosso. Richard Branson has to wear the Air Asia stewardess uniform for losing the bet.

- Rich

There are many, many more predictions to mull over on the original post. Why not go back and have a look at what you suggested might happen, and see how you fared with what actually happened in 2010? We'll be back in a few days to source some more predictions for next year, so make sure your crystal balls are suitably shiny and in tip-top condition.