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2009 F1 New Years resolutions revisited - How did we get on with our pre-season promises

Published by Christine

Yesterday, we looked back at some of the predictions we made at the end of last year, and how very wrong we were about the season we just experienced. Now it's time to revisit the New Year Resolutions we made, regarding how we would watch and enjoy Formula 1 in 2009.

Mr C and I both made five separate resolutions, and let's start with his.

Promises, promises

  1. Give the new regulations a chance.
  2. Take stuff out of Beta.
  3. Stop moaning about the website hosting problems we regularly experience and actually do something about it.
  4. Give Heikki a second chance as a McLaren driver.
  5. Try much, much harder in the Fantasy Racers league.

Well, we did try and give the regulations a new chance, but they achieved very few of their stated aims and left us disappointed in the direction the sport has been taking. Next year isn't looking any more promising in that respect so no more second chances on that front.

The website hosting issue is still very much there but we have taken to moaning about it less because Mr C has been working hard on Sidepodcast 3.0 to put less strain on the poor, little, unable to cope, hosting company. Point number two is funny because unless I'm mistaken, all of the Beta code has been sneakily rebranded and put in the playground. Beta is a feature, and with it a resolution failure.

The Fantasy Racers league did see much more effort being put into it, if only because rule changes made a relaxed approach impossible. Mr C gave up entirely before the European leg of the season ended, so another resolute failure there.

Regarding, Heikki, well... I'll let the man himself talk to you about the young Finn.

I gave him a second chance as a McLaren driver and he did worse in 2009 than even he can comprehend.

Now, let's take a look at my resolutions.

Try, try again

  1. Watch every single Free Practice session.
  2. Find merit in a driver's abilities and performance instead of simply how good they look.
  3. Keep up to date with podcast transcripts.
  4. Bring back Sidepodcast Diaries.
  5. Make predictions... when asked.

I had a similar Free Practice experience as I did last year, in that I saw most of them but missed a few. There's a pesky thing called real life that sometimes gets in the way. The FP sessions seem to have taken on less significance for us this year, though, so I'm not as worried about it as I was this time last year.

Regarding the podcast transcripts, all I can say is thanks to our volunteers. Sidepodcast Diaries did make a comeback, but fell by the wayside when Formula 1 became less fun in the middle of the year. They may or may not make a third comeback in the New Year.

I did make predictions when I was asked, although I can't say I enjoyed it. I'm not so worried about getting things wrong anymore, because, let's face it, Formula 1 is basically one big surprise.

The resolution I have left until last is about driver's abilities and performances. Hmm. No, I am still fickle.

If you made any resolutions, either in the the original post or elsewhere, please let us know how you got on. Are you better or worse at keeping them than we are?

I hope you'll join us at the end of December, when we set about making yet more unreasonable promises for 2010.