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2009 Character Cup - Kicking off a new personality contest with the current crop of F1 drivers

Published by Christine

Here at Sidepodcast Towers, we're both big fans of the television show LOST, and keep on eye on this blog, in particular. Although the season has just started again, during the dark winter months, the site runs a Character Cup where readers vote on head-to-head match ups until an outright winner is found.

Now, we're not adverse to borrowing an idea or two, and thought a Character Cup sounded like a great one. Whilst Formula One exists in the real world, there are plenty of "characters" around (excluding Fisichella, of course). What better way to pass some time on the blog by running our own competition?

Starting very soon, we'll be putting up the first battle, pitting two drivers against each other. We trialled a polling system earlier in the year, to select the new header for the site. Now we're really going to put it through it's paces. It's up to you which way you vote and why, it may be that you think one will do better this year, maybe you just prefer someone over another or possibly you'll simply close your eyes and pick at random. We don't mind but you have 24 hours to vote on each pairing and the whole process should take about two weeks.

Just a couple of notes, before it starts. Honda are excluded at the moment, for obvious reasons, and unfortunately for Buemi, he also misses out. With no team mate selected as yet, Toro Rosso don't make a complete package and therefore aren't included. It's also to do with making the numbers add up, but let's keep that between ourselves.