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2008 Weblog Awards wrap up - A review of who won what and where Sidepodcast placed

Published by Mr. C

Following on from the initial nominations and then the finalist voting, the 2008 Weblog Awards closed this week. The votes have been tallied and the final results are now in.

Apparently during the seven days the voting was open, 933,022 clicks were counted across 48 categories. The popularity of the awards is just staggering and the competition was mighty.

As we've said before Formula 1 was very well represented this year, and given the US-centric audience it seems we fared pretty well both categories.

Best Online Community

Congratulations go out to Strobist who took this one with ease. Andy mentioned in the comments that they would be tough competition and he was proven to be correct. In fact it's such a good community I joined myself.

In the end, Sidepodcast came home 8th with 3.4% which represents a fantastic 393 votes.

Sidepodcast - Best Online Community 2008 Finalist

The eco-mentalists had the run on us in the end, but when the sport you follow has already turned it's back on the entire of North America, we think the Sidepodcommunity can take 8th place with pride. Full results can be seen on

Best podcast

EconTalk took well deserved top honours in the podcast category. Their subject matter is a little above me, but to be honest we were just proud to be nominated.

Sidepodcast came home 7th with 2.2% of the overall votes, totalling 330 clicks.

Sidepodcast - Best Podcast 2008 Finalist

How we didn't end up last I shall never know. Every other show is a massive name in the world of podcasting and last year's winners TWiT were just ahead with less than double the votes. Full results can be seen on

To the future

That must be enough nostalgia from us. 2008 is done and dusted and F1 is already looking to the future and beyond. It goes without saying we very much appreciate every single vote from every single person, your efforts are much appreciated.

We may never reach such lofty heights again, but we thank you all for taking us there.