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2008 in pictures (Part 2) - The second half of our season round up via photography

Published by Christine

As part of our end of year round up, we like to take a look back at our year through the eyes of our camera lens. Usually, all the good photos are posted to our Flickr account, but this is the place for those photos with history, but that aren't visually up to scratch. If you haven't read Part 1 yet, take a look here.

Goodwood FOS

Bugatti Veyron at FoS 2008
Credit: Sidepodcast

Goodwood was a complete disappointment for me this year, but not because anything Lord March did or didn't organise. I was still living in the misery of some serious Silverstone germs, and could only manage to attend half a day, despite having three day tickets. What I did notice of that half day though, is the massive attention the Bugatti Veyron got.

The Formula 1 paddock was full of people, and they were meandering around. If a team opened their marquee and allowed a glimpse of the car, or if any notable person made an appearance, then you'd get a crowd gather. But the Veyron was a static display, and was hugely popular all the time.

In fact, there were three of the supercars side by side, and you had to elbow through the crowd to get near enough for a good photo. We met up with Lou and her friend Emily at Goodwood, and the first place we went was to see the Veyrons. It surprises me that this car, three years old now, is still such a fascination to the population, myself included.

Sidepodtour: Paris

Obelisk of Luxor at Place de la Concorde
Credit: Sidepodcast

This view, the Obelisk of Luxor next to a Paris Eye style big wheel, is what Max sees when he looks out of his office window. Situated in the Place de la Concorde, the two features are particularly popular. Having taken enough photos of the front door of the FIA building, we headed around la Place to see what else was going on.

We were told off by a security guard, and warned not to take photographs of the American Embassy, an embassy we didn't even know was there. Then we crossed over a couple of roads and snapped some shots of the Obelisk instead. I say crossed the roads casually, like it's a simple task to make it across the Paris streets in one piece. It isn't.

There are tons of cars going in all different directions, and a swarm of people crossing in both directions. Which makes it all the more odd that by only waiting for a few moments, we could take photographs of the features of Place de la Concorde with no people in them. In London, this is almost impossible.

Sidepodtour: Williams Grand Prix Collection

A red livery for Williams
Credit: Sidepodcast

The final stop on our Sidepodtour for 2008 was a visit to the Grand Prix Collection housed at the Williams F1 Conference Centre. The centre itself was great, with a nice guide talking us through the hall of champions, and into a short promotional video for the team. Then we were allowed through to the collection, where a detailed video looked at each era of cars in turn. They were grouped by engine supplier, and allowed us to be guided from Williams humble beginnings through to F1 as it is today.

My favourite bit though, was when the video told me there was a red Williams. The above picture should show that this is in fact the case, although it was very dark for our poor camera to try and capture the moment. I don't know about anyone else, but a red Williams just isn't right to me. I'm glad they went back to the more favourable blue and white instead.

With the Sidepodtour only just beginning, I wonder what photos will be featured next year.