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2008 in live commenting (part 2) - The second half of the season summed up by our commentors

Published by Christine

Continuing on from the first part of our look back through live commenting, we review the second half of 2008 through the eyes of those who watched. We're grateful to everyone who left a comment throughout the year, but I've hand picked out a few that are so much more significant with the benefit of hindsight.


A lot of the Canadian weekend was dominated with talk of Hamilton's pit lane incident, and the BMW win. But there was one very important thing that shouldn't be forgotten.

If they don’t improve the track situation, it might give Bernie an excuse to replace the race with one in Saudi Arabia

- Dom

What have we said about giving the short one ideas?


A snippet from France:

We managed decades without a single penalty now there is one for about every twenty minutes of racing. I wonder whether the stewards decision was assisted by Max’s boy Donnelly.

- Steven Roy

If only we'd known that the worst was still to come.


We were on the spot reporters during the British GP and could only be in the comments for a few minutes throughout the race. However, Scott was encouraging everyone for us:

i say that because it’s silverstone and the British GP, we do everything we can to get 1000 comments. agreed?

- Scott Woodwiss

Remember when getting 1,000 comments was the big goal?

Meanwhile, answering a question about who was going to have the first off track moment, Poppy put her pennies on a safe bet.

My money's on Massa.

- Poppy


Belgium's race was amazing for all the wrong reasons, but halfway through, we were so naive:


- Jon Waldock


Vettel's win was the tonic that we all needed after the naivety wore off:

Well I’m glad I didn’t boycott the rest of the season now.

- Andy Taylor


With hindsight, quite a lot of the blame for Massa's unsuccessful championship campaign can be laid at his team's door. He's not the only one suffering though.

Look at Ferrari- not surprised Kimi needs to drink….ALOT.

- Superhot


Roll on Japan, and we thought we'd had enough duff penalties to last us a lifetime. Unfortunately, there was still another one.

Presumably Bordy can’t hold Massa up for too long.

- Christine

Turns out Bordy didn't hold him up, and got penalised for it anyway.


Hamilton won the championship in the epic final race, but it wasn't a good day for all involved.

None of the guys in the press conference look happy.

- Steven Roy

To which Journeyer replied:

Yup. Indeed. Surprised the FIA hasn’t said anything yet.

- Journeyer

And of course, it's only right to finish on a happy note:

Best championship decider ever.

- Alex Andronov

As ever, we're bound to have missed some. With so many wonderful contributions it's impossible not to, but please do let us know if there are any specific moments from the comments you remember. Anything you predicted that turned out to be true, or anything you regret come the end of the year?

Here's to as much fun in the live comments in 2009.

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