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2008 in live commenting (part 1) - A trip through the F1 season through the eyes of Sidepodcast visitors

Published by Christine

Our ongoing end of year series takes a look back at the inaugural year of live commenting on Sidepodcast. It's been an incredible season in the comments, and we appreciated every single person who took the time to hit submit. Here, I've picked out some of the classic comments that we can read more into with the benefit of hindsight.


As we like to point out quite often, Massa started the season really badly.

Massa stacked it for no reason. Just can’t handle the pressure.

- Michael Roberts

Yes, he did. Considering how much pressure he was under by the end of the season, it's amazing that it's the same person. Having said that, though, Ferrari weren't exactly making it easy on themselves.

ferrari struggling to pass an aguri, bring on the ‘09 aero regs.

- me

Would you like to reconsider?


Mr C again, and this time he's writing off some of the early race results:

martin [brundle] thinks hamilton needs the points… wtf? he’s still leading the championship.

- me

I think he is right. The championship could be decided on who picks up the most points when they don’t have the best car.

- Steven Roy

As Steven rightly pointed out, championships often come down to one point here, one point there. This year was one of those.


On to the third race of the season, and Alex reminded us that we were in for a calm season, with little in the way of politics.

Ron basically said they won’t play politics this year - so no appeal.

- Alex Andronov

There may not have been an appeal in Bahrain, but by the time Belgium had finished, McLaren found themselves back in Paris again. Let's hope next year is more peaceful.

Those BMW’s are going to win soon. Kubica only 1.6secs behind Kimi

- Michael Roberts


After watching a few too many crashes by Coulthard, we were all starting to wonder if his time had come.

Radio 5 just said that DC is moans that his car is understeering, glad all that testing at this track was worth it then. Although is ‘understeering’ just code for ‘I’m getting to old for this’?

- SteveintheUK

Just a few short races later, and the man announced his retirement.


There's a rumour circulating the Sidepodcommunity that I tend to get crushes on a lot of people. During the Turkish race, Mr C was trying to pinpoint another potential candidate. I was quick to quash it.

No. He’s making that up. I like him, because everyone else in Ferrari is all Italian or whatever, and then there’s Rob with his Manchester accent. It makes me smile. But no, not a crush.

- Christine

Of course it turned out to be one of those "she doth protest too much" things.

In Formula 1 related comments, Lou came up with this next one. Perhaps it was the positive thinking that turned everything around.

Renault really are best of the rest aren’t they?! thats what i like to see! Teams improving!

- lou


The most remembered bit of Monaco is probably the Sutil/Räikkönen incident. Although a shocking moment, apparently for one person it was entirely predictable.

Räikkönen should get Sutil at the tunnel exit.

- Steven Roy

Seconds later...

That's not what I meant by get him.

- Steven Roy

In my mind now, there was a more unfortunate thing that happened in Monaco, which Scott picked up on:

Are we going to be seeing lots of close-ups of Nicole Scherzinger for the rest of the season?

- Scott

Yes. Yes we are.

That wraps up the first part of our look back through the live commenting of 2008. Don't forget to check out Part 2 for more quoting goodness.

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