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2008 in ideas - A review of how the Sidepodcast community made the site better

Published by Christine

It's no secret that this year the Sidepodcast community has rocketed. In 2007, we were excited to get double figures in the comments. This year, we've had so many amazing people leaving their thoughts and feedback, and some great ideas have sprung up because of them. If you've been following the comments for a while, you'll know we like to blame Steven Roy for everything, but actually, a lot of people have offered suggestions that have added to the Sidepodcast empire. Here's a celebration of some of them.

Don't quote Mme

On the difficulties of manually editing html in comments:

Well, tried blockquote here, will only know if I’ve done it right after I’ve posted. I’m sure creating that quote button shouldn’t prove to be too hard. Alenyaa

After a lengthy campaign, Alenyaa finally managed to get Mr C to introduce a quote button. With one objective successfully achieved, Alenyaa began chanting for an edit button. This was also forthcoming, although took a little bit longer.

Facebook group

In early January, Paul Gibson emailed me with some ideas for promoting the podcast. He suggested a few forums, and casually tagged at the end of the message:

Also, why not set up a group on Facebook? have one with links to their website etc. Paul Gibson

So, less than 30 minutes later, the Sidepodcast Facebook group was born. It soon went from strength to strength, with almost 100 members by Silverstone, and currently almost 400. There have been photos, videos and links, but more importantly, the "You Know You're an F1 Fan When..."

Just answer this question: You know you're an F1 fan when...

For example: You know you're an F1 fan when you celebrate all of life' achievements with a bottle of champagne sprayed all over the place. Dan Brunell

This game has proved incredibly popular, and there are some real classics. There are too many to list here, so I will just point you in the direction of the Facebook thread.

Fantasy Racers

Another topic on the Facebook Group was about which fantasy F1 games were any good. It was a subject I'd been thinking about, but thankfully, Dank beat me to it.

The alternative I've found is something called Fantasy Racers which is free to join. I've set a team up already and it only took about five minutes.

Perhaps consider setting up a Sidepodcast league on each? Maybe even the majority take part in the freebie one someone could conjure up a prize or two to make it interesting?! Dan Cross

Who would have thought that the league would be so popular, cause so much competition between everyone in the comments, and that in the end we would win it? A great addition to the year, and we can only thank Dan for dreaming it up. Never did manage to conjure up a prize though.


The idea of the Sidepodnoun appears to have started with the introduction of Sidepodnews. Having seen some dodgy Sky programming, we thought we could do a better job. It would be a piece of Sidepodcake. Since then, there have been all manner of nouns, such as:

Well this is a sidepoddandy of a sidepodpickle isn’t it? Scott Woodwiss

The answer to that question might be sidepodmurder, you know. Dom

Aw come on, please, pwetty please with a sidepodcherry on the top. R.G

Now it is a matter of course to write Sidepodnouns whenever possible.

Drinking game

We were honoured to have Stuart from F1 Racing comment on the site this year, but I don't think even he could have predicted where this comment would lead:

“Speaking of commentators, Bob C managed to do a 28-second ‘Champaaaaaaaaaagne’ into my colleague’s Dictaphone last weekend. Perhaps Sidepodcast’s listeners could be persuaded to ring in and see if they can match that?” Stuart Codling

The challenge was set, and several brave souls had a go live on the very next Parade Lap show. The results can be reviewed here, and are always worth another look.

Live commenting

All of the above have added to the Sidepodcast community no end, but there really can be only one definitive idea that has changed us for the better in 2008 and this one came about five minutes before the first free practice session of the year.

Will there be a live chat here? or is there somewhere you can recommend? It would be great if there was a live chat here for races. Lou

Live Commenting was born, and where would we be without it?

There's bound to be some important ideas we've missed from the list, please do jog our memories in comments and please keep the fantastic ideas coming in 2009.