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2008 gift guide - The F1 Store - Potential presents from the official Formula One website

Published by Christine

This article was originally written for BellaOnline, but is republished here for posterity.

It's that time of year again, when the question often arises: "What can we get them for Christmas?" If you know a Formula 1 fan, then this set of articles may be for you. Perhaps you're stuck for ideas, you might want a hint, or maybe you just want to buy an early gift for yourself, these guides should help.

We've covered some of the books that are available at the moment, and today we're going to look at the Official F1 Store. It's not known for being particularly inexpensive, but the goods are high quality, and it is nice to have something official.

Pale Blue Women's T-Shirt

There's a good selection of both men's and women's clothes, including t-shirts and hats. The colours available are mostly pale blue, white or a dark blue, and I personally like how subtle this blue t-shirt is with the white F1 logo.

A4 Writing Pad

This pad is full of quality A4 plain paper, with some original artwork on the front. I love stationery and notebooks, and this would be a great addition to my collection. I'm not sure whether I'd actually want to write on it though!

Jacques Lemans F1 Quartz Watch

If you feel like pushing the boat out and investing in some serious technology, then this futuristic looking watch may be for you. It's water resistant and has a carbon fibre face, giving you just a taster of Formula 1 every time you check the time.

Leather Hoop Keyring

This is more than just a regular key ring, it's hand crafted from Italian leather. The black hoop has the official swoop symbol of Formula 1, and is available in many different colour combinations.

Photo Frame

Similar to the keyring, this double photo frame is hand-made from fine leather. It holds two pictures facing each other, and the leather on the outside has the swoop symbold.

There's a lot more to discover on the official store, and although some of it can be a bit pricey - the carbon fibre mouse mat for £250 is infamous! - there are also some bargains, and it's worth keeping an eye on any sales they have.