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2008 gift guide - Books - Festive present possibilities for the Formula One reading fan

Published by Christine

This article was originally written for BellaOnline, but is republished here for posterity.

It's that time of year again, when the question often arises: "What can we get them for Christmas?" If you know a Formula 1 fan, then this set of articles may be for you. Perhaps you're stuck for ideas, you might want a hint, or maybe you just want to buy an early gift for yourself, these guides should help.

Our first topic is books. Last year we covered some of the biographies that are available, and most of them are still the hot topic in the paddock. However, there are other gorgeous books that are available and worth looking into.

The Daily Telegraph Formula One Years

This glossy hardback takes a look at each year in turn and profiles the season's highs and lows. Taking a closer look at some of the top drivers and thoroughly examining how each championship unfolded, it's a great history and reference book to have on the shelf.

Racing Colours: British Racing Green

This book examines every aspect of racing from a British perspective, including the constructors, the history of Silverstone, the engineering of previous decades, plus the British drivers who have made a name for themselves. There's also another book in the same series available: Italian Racing Red.

The Top 100 Formula One Drivers of All Time

Any book that is personal to the writer and lists their greatest drivers in order is both a brave one and an interesting one. Written by long time F1 writer Alan Henry, this is bound to cause discussion and disagreements amongst fans.

The Formula One Miscellany

This isn't really the kind of book you'd read from start to finish, but more of a coffee table addition. It can be picked up, and you can learn a fact or two at a time, as it's packed with information, statistics and history. It's updated quite frequently, but never really goes out of date.

There are plenty of books available, though, and many of them are full of beautiful photography and stories from history. This is just a selection. Happy shopping!