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1,000 posts, 100,000+ comments and counting - Reaching milestones within the Sidepodcast site and community

Published by Mr. C

Are you sick of all the nostalgia yet? When I suggested back in November that there was more on the way than you could shake a stick at, even I wasn't expecting this much.

We hadn't counted on reaching this milestone so quickly either, but it seems only right that after two years and one day (give or take), Sidepodcast hits the one thousand posts mark. There's no other way to celebrate than looking back with an extract from Christine's introduction here (she loves it when I do this):

Everyone needs a blog, even little podcasts about F1.

This is going to be fun.

Aww, bless her. In addition to the post count making it into four figures, the comments surpassed the 100,000 mark earlier this month, which is a stunning number in such a short space of time - although it's likely half of them are requests to find comments sitting in the moderation queue.

With impeccable timing, SteveintheUK updated his fantastic spreadsheet yesterday. We first mentioned this back in September, promising to look again come the end of the year, so here's how that graph stacks up after a total of 12 months.

2008 in comments

You can see all the details yourself by checking out Steve's Google spreadsheet. We thank the man profusely for collating all this information, a wonderful resource.

It goes without saying that we're completely bowled over by the past 24 months, by all the contributions, ideas and especially the guest posts that helped make these numbers what they are.

I should also extend my personal thanks to Christine, as not only has she written the bulk of the content, but she also has to grammar check every single post I write too.

Thank you.