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Williams F1 reveal 2011 livery and discuss KERS // The car is launched and Sam Michael answers some questions

Published by Christine

Williams F1 reveal 2011 livery and discuss KERS
Williams F1 reveal 2011 livery and discuss KERS audio waveform

Today is the 24th February 2011 and this is F1Minute.

The Williams team launched their 2011 livery today, revealing the expected blue and white paint scheme - although there was slightly more white than we’ve seen in previous iterations. In an online presentation, the FW33 was unveiled and then technical director Sam Michael took to the stage.

Michael touched upon several interesting subjects, including the reason why Williams have gone for a battery KERS rather than the flywheel option they spent so much on a couple of years ago. It’s all to do with the packaging and where it fits in the car, but he was keen to point out that they haven’t discounted flywheel and will revisit the device in 2012. He also talked about their two drivers, praising Pastor Maldonado for his maturity and his ability to develop the car, particularly as he is already reflecting teammate Rubens Barrichello’s comments on the new car.

Finally, he said that despite all the data all the teams have, lap after lap of information, no one knows who is fast and who will do well.