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Verstappen’s racing antics divide F1 paddock opinion - Ferrari and Red Bull face off over Belgian GP

Published by Christine

Verstappen’s racing antics divide F1 paddock opinion
Credit: Coates/Getty
Verstappen’s racing antics divide F1 paddock opinion audio waveform

All eyes were on Max Verstappen at his substitute home grand prix this past weekend in Belgium, and the pressure was on the young driver to make a good impression in front of a passionate crowd. Unfortunately, a first corner incident with two Ferraris and subsequent jostling for position with Kimi Räikkönen has dulled his reputation somewhat.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has tried to temper criticism but even he admits “I think it was firm, it was on the edge. He got away with it, and the stewards were happy.” Max himself believes this is a fuss about nothing, saying: “I was a victim in the first corner… First Kimi started to squeeze me, then Sebastian decided to turn in on both of us.” He also added that his aggressive stance with Kimi later was down to that first corner agro.

On the flip side, Räikkönen reckons there’s something not “correct” with Max’s driving but that it doesn’t seem to bother anyone, Vettel said the first corner incident was a bold move that is right to criticise but perhaps not make too much of, whilst Jacques Villeneuve put forward the theory that Verstappen is getting favours from the FIA and not facing any sanctions. The drama continues.