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Tyre choices for Korea, Japan and India are revealed - The medium compounds are hard at work during next three rounds

Published by Christine

Tyre choices for Korea, Japan and India are revealed
Credit: Pirelli S.p.A.
Tyre choices for Korea, Japan and India are revealed audio waveform

The Singapore Grand Prix this weekend will see drivers opting to run either the supersoft or medium compounds, and they will have exactly the same choices available for the next race in Korea. Tyre suppliers Pirelli have confirmed the compounds available for the next three races, with the better traction generated by the supersoft set to deal with the slippery surfaces at Korea.

In Japan, the orange sidewalls will make a reappearance as the hard compounds are paired with the medium. The faster corners at the Suzuka track, including the infamous 130R, will require more durable rubber for the race.

Finally, the Indian Grand Prix will see medium and soft tyres on offer, as the Buddh Circuit doesn’t have the extremes of some of its predecessors but is still pretty challenging on the compounds.

Pirelli are batting off criticism once again, after a string of less spectacular races are being blamed on the changes to the tyres. Boss Paul Hembery said: “I thought the German and Hungarian Grands Prix were two of the best races we had ever had... in Germany and Hungary.” So that clears that up.