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Toto Wolff sells off some Williams shares - The Mercedes executive director reduces his investment

Published by Christine

Toto Wolff sells off some Williams shares
Credit: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic
Toto Wolff sells off some Williams shares audio waveform

It’s always seemed slightly odd that Toto Wolff’s move to become an Executive Director and shareholder at Mercedes from Williams didn’t involve him relinquishing his stake in the Oxford based team. Now the Austrian businessman has started the process of selling his shares in Williams, with 5 of his 15% going to Brad Hollinger, owner of Vibra Healthcare company. Hollinger may also take up an option to pick up the final 10% later in the year, if all goes well.

Toto Wolff sounds slightly relieved the deal is in place, saying: “It was always the plan to reduce the shareholding in Williams… for conflict of interest reasons and compliance reasons. But it was quite a task to find somebody who was good for the company, who was good for the family, and who had the spirit I had when I joined Williams as a financial investor.”

Hollinger, meanwhile, is an F1 fan with hope for the future of the sport, saying: “The whole social media element is an opportunity that F1 can really tap in to and accelerate even more.”