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Toro Rosso to run Ferrari’s 2015 year end engine - Season closing power good enough for STR

Published by Christine

Toro Rosso to run Ferrari’s 2015 year end engine
Credit: Getty Images/Red Bull
Toro Rosso to run Ferrari’s 2015 year end engine audio waveform

Red Bull and Toro Rosso both ended their power unit supply deal with Renault at the end of last year, and whilst Red Bull found themselves struggling to find a new supplier after turning Ferrari down, Toro Rosso were happy to return to Italian power. Toro Rosso have run with Ferrari engines previously, up until 2013 when they switched to Renault.

The new deal involved them not getting their hands on the latest spec of engine, which is something that had to be agreed by the FIA as it is outside the regulations. Toro Rosso have confirmed they will be running the engine that Ferrari finished 2015 with, and although it’s an older model, the team are happy with their choice.

Team boss Franz Tost says: “This engine is for us a big step forward, and I’m optimistic. Everything is a little more complicated, but only for the reason of the short timeframe, and therefore the engineers from both sides had to work very hard to get everything into the car. But, looking at the car, I like it.” We will hopefully get our own glimpse of the car on 29th February, just before the second Barcelona test.