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Tony Fernandes opens up on Twitter about Lotus - Team Lotus talk rivalry on Twitter, whilst Red Bull announce their launch

Published by Christine

Tony Fernandes opens up on Twitter about Lotus
Tony Fernandes opens up on Twitter about Lotus audio waveform

This is F1Minute and it’s the 20th January 2011.

Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes has had a brief rant about the situation he finds himself in via the medium of Twitter today, with some choice quotes about his rivals for the Lotus name. Some highlights include: “Lotus Renault is a Renault end of story. McLaren is McLaren, not Vodafone, and Mercedes is Mercedes. And can someone tell me who owns Renault and Genii. So many different names.”

He then turned his attention to where the Lotus name has come from, adding: “Not much said about David Hunt. All I can say he is the most honourable man in all of this. Moody at times but his love for the Lotus brand is immense. More to come on my feeling and the truth on this Lotus saga. The good always win.”

Meanwhile, Red Bull also took to Twitter today to confirm the launch of their new car - it will take place on the 1st February, at Valencia, ahead of the test session there. They were even specific enough to announce the launch at 8:30am.