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Team versus Group Lotus trial set for March - Tony Fernandes tries to clear up the confusion of the Lotus trials

Published by Christine

Team versus Group Lotus trial set for March
Team versus Group Lotus trial set for March audio waveform

Today is the 24th January and this is F1Minute.

The argument between Team Lotus and Group Lotus will go to trial in March, thanks to a High Court judge pushing for the dispute to be settled as quickly as possible. Group Lotus had asked for a summary judgement today to stop the matter going to court, but the judge rejected that. He has set a date for the 21st March, with instructions that the trial shouldn’t be longer than ten days. We should get a resolution to the Lotus debacle by April.

Before today’s hearing, Tony Fernandes attempted to tweet an explanation of what was going to happen, showing that he is at least aware of the confusion these cases are causing. He said: “Today’s case is Group Lotus’s desperate attempt to use their one-way unlawful termination of the license agreement on Lotus Racing. Saying One Malaysia can’t use Lotus... so nothing changes on Team Lotus.”

Whilst nothing has been decided today, that simple fact could be seen as a small victory for Fernandes, as the matter won’t just be brushed aside.