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Stewards defend Massa penalty from India - Johnny Herbert explains the Hamilton/Massa decision

Published by Christine

Stewards defend Massa penalty from India
Credit: BMW AG
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Welcome to F1Minute - Stewards defend Massa penalty from India.

Discussions have been ongoing amongst fans and media alike over the coming together - again! - of Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa during the Indian Grand Prix. Massa received a drive through penalty for that, which some think was right, and others think was uncalled for.

Massa is, understandably, one of those that thinks it was too harsh. He was reported as saying: “My view is that I was in front, I braked later than him... I didn’t see him on the left as he was behind. He touched my rear wheel so, to be honest, I don’t understand why I have the penalty.”

Driver steward at the Indian GP, Johnny Herbert has defended the penalty saying: “I know Massa was upset by our decision, but I believe we made the right call. After looking at it from different camera angles and studying all the data available to us, it was clear that Massa knew where Hamilton was before he chose to turn across him.”

Meanwhile, McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh has said he believes the two drivers do have respect for each other, but they have just come together too often this year. Any peacemaking, he adds, will have to start with them.