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Sebastian Vettel wins the 2010 World Championship - Red Bull do the double with Vettel winning the race, and the title!

Published by Christine

Sebastian Vettel wins the 2010 World Championship
Sebastian Vettel wins the 2010 World Championship audio waveform

Hello and welcome to F1Minute for the 14th November 2010.

Sebastian Vettel won the race today in Abu Dhabi, and he became the 2010 F1 World Champion. The race itself was pretty dire, with only the first few laps dictating the championship. On Lap 1, Schumacher spun round, and Liuzzi crashed into the Mercedes, bringing out the Safety Car. A couple of drivers took the opportunity to pit, and then the Safety Car was gone. Webber and Alonso both pitted very early, and that threw them far down the order, both getting held up behind drivers that weren’t planning to pit any time soon. Abu Dhabi is not good on the overtaking front.

Webber was stuck behind Alonso who was stuck behind Petrov, whilst a bit further up Hamilton was being held up by Kubica. Vettel scampered away at the front, and that is how the race finished. Alonso was far enough down the order to allow Vettel through to take the title, meaning Red Bull have done the double. There were tears from the German on the podium, as he becomes the youngest world champion ever.