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Renault reveal their 2014 V6 engine - Images and audio of next year's breed of engine are released by Renault

Published by Christine

Renault reveal their 2014 V6 engine
Credit: Renault Sport
Renault reveal their 2014 V6 engine audio waveform

As the 2013 season draws towards its halfway point, many teams are starting to look ahead to the raft of regulation changes that come into force for next season. Engine suppliers Renault are no different, and they have released images and audio of the 2014 V6 engine to the press.

Deputy Managing Director at Renault, Rob White, reassured those fans that are concerned about the change of engine pitch, saying: “Fundamentally, the engine noise will still be loud. The engine noise is just a turbocharged noise rather than a normally aspirated noise. You can just hear the turbo when the driver lifts off the throttle and the engine speed drops.”

White is also keen to point out that very little will change in terms of performance, and, he added, “circuit neighbours will still complain.” Here’s a brief clip of what they’ll be complaining about.

[Audio clip of Renault's 2014 V6]