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Renault dismiss possibility of engine noise change - The sound of Formula One this year is likely to remain

Published by Christine

Renault dismiss possibility of engine noise change
Credit: Bernard Asset
Renault dismiss possibility of engine noise change audio waveform

It’s no secret that the noise the 2014 F1 engines produce has come under fire since the season began, but French manufacturer Renault don’t believe anything can be done to solve the problem until the regulations are changed again.

Head of track operations Rémi Taffin has said: “If you want to have a different noise you have to go up on revs, but there would be no point going up on revs if you look at the fuel flow, because you would have to get the fuel flow up. But then you bring your efficiency down.” He added that tampering with the exhausts wouldn’t make much difference either.

Meanwhile, the engine supplier really have more important things to worry about, as defending champions Red Bull reckon their title hopes rest in the power unit they are provided with. Team principal Christian Horner said: “Considering where we’re at with our engine, to do what we are doing is beyond our expectation. Renault knows there is a lot more to come once they sort out drivability and so on.”