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Red Bull asked to alter camera slot on RB10 nose - Another unique design gets overturned by the FIA

Published by Christine

Red Bull asked to alter camera slot on RB10 nose
Credit: Gilham/Getty
Red Bull asked to alter camera slot on RB10 nose audio waveform

Red Bull have been requested by the FIA to adjust the forward camera placement on the RB10, after a clarification that their current streamlined solution was against the rules. At the start of the season, there was some confusion in the paddock over their chosen camera location and its legality. The camera had been cleverly positioned within the vanity panel inside the nose, as opposed to the small black mountings that normally stick out at 90 degrees on the outside of the nose.

Initially, the team were allowed to run the unique design, although there were tweaks requested to allow for a better onboard view. Now, the FIA have enforced a change ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, as there are specifications that state the cameras should be fitted outside of the nose, and therefore Red Bull are breaking the rules.

It’s not clear how much benefit the design gave to the car, or if the change will hurt them. After the last race Christian Horner said of the 40+ second gap to Mercedes: “It’s a significant gap that we still have to overcome, but it’s great to see we have made progress.”