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Pirelli face more criticisms after Pérez’s Korea blowout // Another tyre incident causes safety concerns and future testing worries

Published by Christine

Pirelli face more criticisms after Pérez’s Korea blowout
Credit: Pirelli S.p.A.
Pirelli face more criticisms after Pérez’s Korea blowout audio waveform

Sergio Pérez suffered a repeat of his Silverstone tyre woes in Korea, as the McLaren driver locked up at one corner, rounded onto the following straight and found himself minus one tyre - the rubber narrowly avoiding the following Mark Webber.

Naturally there have been a lot of reactions to the recurrence of this issue, with Webber particularly concerned that the Italian tyremakers aren’t worried about safety. He said: “The drivers aren’t super important, it’s what other people want. The tyres are wearing a lot and they also explode a bit - but that is for Pirelli to sort out.”

However, Pirelli say they are trying to sort things out but keep getting any testing plans rejected. Boss Paul Hembery said: “I appreciate nobody wants to think they are going to get an advantage on testing, but you can’t keep going around in circles and then decide to do nothing.”

F1’s sole tyre supplier also have serious concerns about next year, saying they think they’ve got structure sorted but “...where we are in difficulty is in the compound area, because we have four compounds to cover 20+ races on a car that is dramatically different.”