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Pirelli explain the Silverstone tyre failures // Pirelli point out some ways their tyres have been misused

Published by Christine

Pirelli explain the Silverstone tyre failures
Credit: Pirelli S.p.A.
Pirelli explain the Silverstone tyre failures audio waveform

After some hurried but detailed investigation, Pirelli have released information about the problems experienced by some drivers at Silverstone, with four tyre punctures in the race that could have had very serious safety implications.

In a lengthy press release, the tyre supplier detailed that some teams have been mounting the rear tyres the wrong way round, tyre pressures have been too low, camber angles too extreme, and the kerbing at Silverstone was an additional but uncontrollable factor.

Pirelli have asked the FIA to help them gather more data in real-time during a Grand Prix, particularly about the temperatures, pressures and cambers. The Italian manufacturers have specifically reiterated that the tyres are absolutely safe, as long as they are used correctly.

And if all that sounds like it is blaming the teams, it certainly came across that way in the longer form press release. However, minutes later, Paul Hembery released a secondary statement pointing out they have the full support of the entire F1 paddock, and, quote, “in no way are we intending to create arguments or attack anybody.”