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Pirelli defend Rosberg tyre test revelations - News leaks from Bahrain regarding a Mercedes tyre blowout at top speed

Published by Christine

Pirelli defend Rosberg tyre test revelations
Credit: Pirelli & C. S.p.A.
Pirelli defend Rosberg tyre test revelations audio waveform

Pirelli have been forced to issue a statement from the Bahrain tyre test explaining an incident involving Nico Rosberg and a tyre blowout, after the German driver tweeted about his day. So far, there hasn’t been much coming out of Bahrain as the tyre test ran privately for three days with six drivers representing four teams.

On the final day, Nico Rosberg revealed he had experienced a tyre blowout at full speed down the main straight at the Bahrain International Circuit, and… that it had been one of the more terrifying incidents of his week.

Pirelli have jumped to their own defence, saying the tyres were prototypes and not ones to be used in the coming season, and that they were: “completely innovative in terms of structure and compounds.” They also confirmed the accident would be investigated with findings given to both the FIA and the teams.

Thankfully Nico Rosberg was unharmed after the spin, but there was some damage to the car despite the machinery avoiding the barriers. Mercedes opted to end their running early, as the repairs were too great, but as it was the final day, they won’t have missed much.