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Pirelli appeal for contemporary F1 chassis // The search continues for a car to test their new rubber compounds on

Published by Christine Blachford

Pirelli appeal for contemporary F1 chassis
Credit: Pirelli S.p.A.
Pirelli appeal for contemporary F1 chassis audio waveform

This is F1Minute - Pirelli appeal for contemporary F1 chassis.

F1’s sole tyre supplier Pirelli are looking for a 2011 chassis from one of the teams to test their new and improving rubber compounds on. Talking to Autosport, motorsport boss Paul Hembery admitted that they don’t want to give any one team an advantage but that they need a modern chassis to stay relevant.

He said: “We would like a 2011 car from somebody, but we don’t really care who it is from. We want to do our testing with precision and feel the older the car gets, the further away it is from a state of the art car.”

Up to this point, they had been using an old 2009 chassis from the now defunct Toyota team, but Hembery believes it is time to move forward and stay up to date. It’s reported that there are talks with the teams going on, but no decision as yet, and Hembery adds: “We’re not interested in assisting one particular team and we need to do our job. We have some interesting ideas for 2013, but need to do work on them.”

So, if anyone has a spare 2011 car sitting unused in their garage, do send it on care of Paul Hembery, Pirelli.

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