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Team tyre days are confirmed for mid-season testing - Pirelli announce their schedule for dedicated F1 tyre testing

Published by Christine

Team tyre days are confirmed for mid-season testing
Credit: Pirelli S.p.A.
Team tyre days are confirmed for mid-season testing audio waveform

As part of the negotiations for Pirelli to continue their tyre supply for the foreseeable future, the Italian manufacturers demanded that teams give up one day of their in-season testing for exclusive tyre work.

There are four tests scattered throughout the year, with two days following the events in Bahrain, Spain, Britain and Abu Dhabi. The schedule has now been decided, with each team giving up one of their eight test days to work through Pirelli’s programme.

Caterham, Mercedes and Williams will dedicate their time in Bahrain. Sauber, Toro Rosso, McLaren and Force India will be up next in Barcelona, whilst Ferrari, Lotus, Red Bull and Marussia will work for Pirelli at Silverstone. At the final test in Abu Dhabi, Pirelli will provide experimental tyres for the 2015 season, getting some early data about the compounds for the following year.

The rest of the time, when the teams are running exclusively for the tyre supplier, they will be given extra tyres over and above the 135 sets they are allocated for the season.