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Patrick Head to step back from F1 in 2012 - Plans to step away from the racing and move to Williams Hybrid Power

Published by Christine

Patrick Head to step back from F1 in 2012
Credit: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic
Patrick Head to step back from F1 in 2012 audio waveform

This is F1Minute - Patrick Head to step back from F1 in 2012.

Patrick Head has been part of the makeup of Williams’ F1 team since the late 70s, but from the end of this year, he will take a step away from the racing campaign. Autosport reports that the decision comes after the restructure of the team - with Sam Michael departing for McLaren, and Mike Coughlan coming in as technical director.

Talking of his future plans, Head said: “I am going to be doing some work for Williams Hybrid Power, which may sound a bit dry and dull but it is actually quite high tech and quite interesting... I certainly did not have an ambition to end my involvement in F1 with the season I have just had behind us, but when I have a look at what specifically I can do to assist Mike Coughlan... I came to the conclusion that it isn’t enough for me to carry on justifying doing the same thing.”

Meanwhile, Rubens Barrichello is also facing a different future in 2012 with no race seat confirmed as yet. He has said he believes he will race next season, whether it is at Williams or elsewhere - he even has a new helmet design for the new year, drawn by his son!