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No consensus from drivers over 2018 halo device - FIA gather feedback over cockpit protection

Published by Christine

No consensus from drivers over 2018 halo device
Credit: Manor Racing
No consensus from drivers over 2018 halo device audio waveform

The FIA have been sourcing feedback from the drivers who tested the halo cockpit device during the 2016 season, and have revealed that the results are mixed. Only 16 drivers have reportedly given their thoughts on the device, and the FIA say that “opinion is divided 50/50.”

A spokesperson for the governing body continued: “Some are clearly against, some are clearly in favour and some are sitting on the fence.” We heard mixed reviews during the season, with Lewis Hamilton initially dead against the device, before mellowing as the season went on. Some drivers were concerned with the visibility provided whilst others thought it was surprisingly okay – but would take some getting used to.

The FIA need a majority vote by the end of April, to sign off on the device to be introduced for the 2018 season but they say not to judge too quickly whether it will happen or not. Responses are still coming in, and of course, the strategy group agreed more protection is required, and the halo is so far the only design that has been fully tested.